October 15, 2009

September/October Prayer Update

Highs and lows of our move to Brooklyn (thus far):


High: Many new things to explore

Low: New systems and routines to learn


High: The food is incredibly good

Low: Our apartment shakes (we live next to the expressway)


High: Baking and eating chocolate cupcakes in New York

Low: I don’t know. There is nothing bad.


Please pray for:

  • Our adjustment as a family to life in Brooklyn.
  • The relationships we are establishing with people from the church and the neighborhood.
  • The newcomers with whom David is meeting; that they would be cared for and get connected to the life of the church.
  • The small group David is leading; that they would experience the power and presence of Christ.

         Jonah taking in the view on top of the Empire State Building

         Hannah is starting to smile more and respond more.

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