September 15, 2009

A Note from Mia

I’ve (jokingly) decided to vacate our current apartment because I can no longer sit still and relax in it. Yes, we  are in the process of moving again – an exciting process, but packing is a little scary. We are ecstatic about beginning life and ministry in Brooklyn, NY. Yet it means another move – another resettling period – another round of goodbyes.

Our family has lived in Lawrenceville, GA (this time around) for close to 2 ½ years. It’s hard to believe that is possible.

This move back to Lawrenceville began as a visit to see how David’s mom was doing when she was ill. We’ve communicated often about the tragedy of losing her as well as David’s father.

Yet our time here has become much more than a visit to extended family. God has shown us much mercy here and His Church has given us great love. We have been well-cared for here, by so many of you – our dear family and friends. You have grieved with us, you have loaned us household goods, you’ve taken care of Jonah, a few of you gave us jobs. You have welcomed Hannah, you’ve celebrated with us, you have given us gifts, you are using or storing our excess belongings, you have prayed for us, many of you are supporting us, and you’ve given us a place to worship and serve the LORD. We are profoundly grateful. Thank you.

The irony of it all is that I’ve so often looked at this time in our lives as extremely hard. And I don’t want to downplay the difficulties of our experience. Yet, in the midst of that hardship, perhaps because of it, we have received grace, peace, and joy which I have found truly surprising.

Many of you want to know what our daily life will look like in Brooklyn, and I can’t wait to find out. Certain things there will be harder – like laundry, for example. But other things might be easier – we’ll be walking a lot, so we won’t have to set aside time to exercise.

We’re excited because, though our lives will look quite different in NY, we feel that we are responding to God’s call on our lives to mission. Brooklyn is full of all kinds of people that God made in His image. Please pray that we would know and love them well.  Jesus has saved us and brought us into His Kingdom service. May our lives and your lives speak the gospel to the people among us and in the places He has given us in which to live.

September 1, 2009


No Sleep Til Brooklyn Challenge Update

Thanks & Praise: Thank you so much for those of you who have already partnered with us through prayer and giving in our mission to Brooklyn. Please praise God with us that 60% of our support has been raised by September 1.

Goal: 75% of our support raised by October 1 (when we plan to move to Brooklyn).

Challenge: Continue to pray and give! Please consider giving in one of the following ways:

1. Monthly Commitment
We are seeking people to give:
$250 monthly $100 monthly
$50 monthly $25 monthly
$10 monthly

2. One-Time Gift
We are seeking people to give:
$1000 $500
$250 $100

Please make checks payable to Brooklyn Church Project.
Indicate "Stancil Support" on the memo line.
Send checks to the following address:
Brooklyn Church Project
c/o Park Slope Presbyterian Church
174 Prospect Park West, Apt. 1L
Brooklyn, NY 11215

You can also give online at
Click on Give, then Give online. 
Type in your information and select the category: Pastoral Intern.

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