May 20, 2007


May 2007
Greetings family and friends! First, we are sorry that our written communication has fallen behind with many of you. Second, please know that we’d love to hear from you in any capacity. Here’s a taste of the past few months:

  • We have continued to enjoy our time in San Francisco and at City Church. To learn more about our church, please visit To read more about our family in the future, please visit

  • David has been working with the community groups – the small groups within our church that gather to meet with Christ and grow in relationship with Him and one another. Our church has been implementing a more organized structure of mentoring for the leaders of the community groups, and David has really enjoyed getting to know many of the leaders and helping to start this new method.

  • David has also been a part of the Spiritual Formation ministry at our church, teaching various classes on the Old Testament and on vocation as well as meeting with a small group to learn the essentials of the Christian life. He’s also assisted in leading the worship services and served in the ushering ministry.

  • Overall, we are so thankful for City Church and their support of our family. David feels like he has been able to thrive in this job. He has been given freedom to use his gifts and creativity to serve people.
  • Mia and Jonah have enjoyed San Francisco and our communities of friends. We have really enjoyed getting to know friends through the church as well as on our excursions to playgrounds, parks, and the beautiful San Francisco Bay.

  • The past 2 or 3 months have been difficult for David’s mother, Mary Ann. She has had 2 hospitalizations due to fractures and pain, and we have learned that the lung cancer has grown. She has started back on chemotherapy to shrink the cancer, and, in the last few weeks, her activity has increased and she has regained some strength.

  • Mary Ann is in need of increased care, and Mia and Jonah have remained in the Atlanta area for the past 2 ½ months in order to help out. David has been back and forth between San Francisco and Atlanta. He is finishing his internship in San Francisco in mid-June, and we are planning to live in Lawrenceville for awhile. There are many details that are not yet worked out.

We are so thankful for each of you and for the loving support you have given to us and to our family. In general, it has been difficult to express our varied emotions lately. We do ask you to pray for us in regard to all that we have shared. We are daily reminded that our God cares and He listens – to all of our concerns, joys and needs.
With Love,

David, Mia & Jonah

Mia & Jonah, Corona Heights Park, SF, February 2007

Jonah & David, Union Square, SF, December 2006